Qualitative Soil Biology Reports

Qualitative assessment of your soil sample provides an indication of the microbiology living in your soil. Our reports provide the levels of microorganisms observed as well as photographs from the sample viewed under the microscope . You can send your own soil samples to send to us for assessment, or we can arrange site visits as a more comprehensive service. 


Our assessments are useful to individual home gardeners, community gardens, schools, small landholders, commercial growers and farmers. Earthwhile Australia can assess soil, compost and compost tea prior and post application. Packages for ongoing sampling can be negotiated.


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Quantitative Soil Biology Report provided by Agpath P/L

Quantitative assessments report the numbers of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes present allowing recommendations for specific remedial actions to be made. Earthwhile Australia recommends Agpath P/L to carry out these assessments which report using both chemical and biological analysis of the sample.

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