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Aerated Compost Tea Recipe



Plant Health Pyramid

(John Kemfp)

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Compost, microscopy, soil testing.

Dr Mary Cole

Advancing Eco Agriculture

Soil health, Regen Ag topics.

John Kempf

Soils for Life

Case studies, articles and information about looking after soil.

Amazing Carbon

The role of in the soil and how to get it there.

Dr Christine Jones

BioNutrient Food Association

Growing nutrient dense food biologically.

Dan Kittredge

Soil FoodWeb Inc.

Information and online courses on the soil food web.

Dr Elaine Ingham


Compost related information.


Andy Gulliver

Smart Soils

Interviews with key farmers.

David McKay

Landsave Organics

Commercial compost teas, compost, bio stimulants

Brent Burns

Soil Microbe Library

A collection of microbes images.




Biostimulants, soil testing.

Dr Peter Keating

Healthy Soils Australia

Regenerating soil through the carbon sponge and water retention. 

Walter Jehne

Biological and other microscopes and accessories

Steve Wilkinson

Soil Health

Information linking biological, physical and chemical aspects of soil

Emeritus Prof. Lyn Abbott

Waste is my Resource

Composting, growing food, recycling.

Robyn Brown

Kiss the


Resources to raise awareness of soil health.

Finian Makepeace



Teaming With Microbes

Lowenfels, J., & Lewis, W. (2010). Teaming with microbes: The organic gardener's guide to the soil food web. 


For the Love of Soil

Masters, N. (2019). For the love of soil: Strategies to regenerate our food production systems. 

Call of the Reed Warbler: A new agriculture, a new earth.

Massy, C. (2018). Call of the reed warbler: A new agriculture, a new earth. 


Quality Agriculture

Kempf, J. (2020). Quality Agriculture: Conversations about Regenerative Agronomy with Innovative Scientists and Growers.



All the Dirt

Ep. 98 Healthy soil, healthy food, healthy people with Ellen Walker.

All the Dirt



Ep. 107 Building healthy soils for our farmers and our future with Brent Burns.

Sabrina Hahn's Dirty Deeds

Season 2, Ep. 4

Healthy Soils with Ellen Walker

Regenerative Agriculture



With John Kempf

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