Small landholders are well positioned to make significant contributions to restoring and caring for their environment, be that reducing residues leaving their property and entering waterways, weed control, minimising erosion and building healthy soils. 


Meeting this challenge in cost effective ways that align with environmental ethics often brings people to use biological farming methods to mitigate issues and regenerate soils. 


EarthWhile Australia can assist through awareness raising (e.g. community session), hands on training in assessing and monitoring soil health for groups or individuals and undertaking qualitative assays of soil microbiology.  


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What have our clients said about us?

Utilizing the services of Ellen of EarthWhile Australia  brought to life the knowledge I had already gained about microbes and their incredible life under our feet. Having Ellen look at your soil, compost and worm casting samples will confirm the health of your soil by the numbers and variety of microbes. Now to make some more compost tea to breed some more microbes!

Robyn from Waste is My Resource (Nov 2018)

EarthWhile Australia works with members of our community to raise awareness of how healthy soils, healthy food, and healthy people are all interrelated and how we as individuals can contribute to a better world.

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