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Changing Things From the Ground Up

At EarthWhile Australia we love to get our hands dirty! We’re an organisation passionate about healthy soil, healthy food and healthy people. 


Through our work with local farmers, orchardists and community gardeners, we identified a need for services relating to soil health. Amongst our services, we offer qualitative soil biology reports, tailored workshops and soil microscopy training. 


Along the way, we’ve explored a variety of synergistic topics with innovative people who are leading a new wave of thinking including: 

  • the value of our soils as national strategic assets with the Hon Maj Gen Michael Jeffery; 

  • regenerative farming with Joel Salatin, Dr Charles Massy, Ian and Di Haggerty; 

  • community gardens with Costa Georgiades; 

  • amending soil microbiology with Brent Burns;  

  • soil life with Nicole Masters. 


Engaging with these leaders allowed us to discover the current state of play, to explore the issues arising and recognise that there is a great deal of learning and understanding that underpins the application of this knowledge. Inspired by the insights and achievements of these and other leaders in Australia and abroad, our desire to contribute to developing and nurturing healthy soils was ignited and thus, EarthWhile Australia was born! 


Our passion is to provide relevant services and practical solutions to assist our communities to develop and nurture vibrant, healthy soils and produce nutrient dense food, both of which are proving to be essential for optimal health.  Through respectful, creative practices aligned with nature, good humour and love, we hope to honour our catch cry of “Changing Things From The Ground Up” 


To join us in this journey, 


Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email You can sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date on everything soil! 




"To save  the  planet, we must save the soil."   


"A healthy soil is vital for sustainable life. It impacts all society. Indeed if you eat, you should be involved." 


Major General The Honourable Michael Jeffery 




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