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Biological farming fits with the ethos of organics, contributes to circular economies, and puts control back into the hands of growers. EarthWhile Australia has the capacity to introduce people to the soil foodweb and train them in the use of microscopes to identify and monitor soil microbiology.  


You may have heard about biological farming/growing and want more information or strategies for implementation. You may be looking to reduce growing costs and care for your natural environment. You may be keen to follow an organic path to growing produce. Our work is strongly interactive for effective learning experiences. 

What EarthWhile Australia services are tailored to farmers and producers? 



Tailored around the soilfood web, microscopy, monitoring life in soils 

Industry/location specific workshops 

Grants may be available to your group to hold workshops. 


Site visits and training 

One on one training sessions cover topics such as taking samples, discussing the soil food web, assessing your samples with hands-on use of microscopes. 


Soil sampling 

Qualitative analysis suitable for entry level, pre and post application compost tea quality, mid-term assessments 


Price List


What have our clients said about us?

Have been involved with EarthWhile Australia for a period of time now. Always found them to be of great help with microscope work, looking at compost teas and soil life (microbial life).  Great networking people with very high standards of service - sampling soils, microscope work and general knowledge.

Michele and Barry from Glendale Beef (Nov 2018)

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