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What can we do for you?


Mums and dads want the best for their kids…and themselves. More and more families want to grow healthy food that tastes great just like it used to. They want to grow food organically, without synthetic fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides. Increasingly, more growers are turning to the soil foodweb to provide the nutrients, moisture retention, and resistance to disease and weeds that plants need … just as nature intended it to be.  This is where EarthWhile Australia comes in. 


  • Book a Home Soil Consultation 

  • Arrange a local community workshop (ask us for pointers). 

  • Share with friends and host an organic gardening party. 


And for those who prefer someone to do it for them, we can do qualitative analysis of your soil microbiology either on site, or with samples delivered to us. 


Price List

What have our clients said about us?

Utilizing the services of Ellen of EarthWhile Australia  brought to life the knowledge I had already gained about microbes and their incredible life under our feet. Having Ellen look at your soil, compost and worm casting samples will confirm the health of your soil by the numbers and variety of microbes. Now to make some more compost tea to breed some more microbes!

Robyn from Waste is My Resource (Nov 2018)

Fabulous - What a great experience: Ellen identified the microbiological community in our garden beds. She also explained how the microbes help the supply of nutrients favourable for plant growth. The written report really did help us improve our soils and production with the knowledge environmentally safe.

Julie and Gary from Down2Earth (Nov 2018)

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