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It's the Soil that Counts Workshop Series

Foundational Class

Master Class (must have completed the Foundational Class prior)

7-8 hours

Many of us, community gardens included, struggle with gardening in sand. Soil food webs are of growing interest to those wanting to garden organically. They thrive in biologically healthy soils and exist in poor soils.  With the naked eye, we can’t see many of the organisms that are key to their effectiveness.


These workshops will help you develop a strong understanding of soil food webs and how to develop and maintain them in your environment. Through hands on activities using high powered microscopes you will see and become familiar with bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes in soil. 


The knowledge will be valuable as you garden organically, make compost or compost teas and care for our environment. These workshops are for community gardeners, home gardeners, landscapers and others with an interest in soil health.

This workshop series often runs twice a year. Check out our events page for the next course dates!

Tailored Workshop

3 hours

Workshops tailored to the needs of groups, individuals, and producers available on the topics of biological soil health and microscopy.



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EarthWhile Australia works with members of our community to raise awareness of how healthy soils, healthy food, and healthy people are all interrelated and how we as individuals can contribute to a better world.

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