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Good soil is key to the success of community gardens. Microbiology provides the bridge between plants and the ‘pantry’ and ‘medicine cabinet’ within the soil. Most gardeners don’t have the opportunity to see the microorganisms in their soil. People who do get to view their soil biology report excitement, wonder, and a deepened value for the life beneath their feet. Seeing is believing. 


Our community garden projects seek to make opportunities available for gardeners to see the life within their own soil with the aid of powerful microscopes. This first-hand knowledge is expected to have the outcomes of gardeners wanting to:

  1. care more for the health of their soil, 

  2. utilise the microbiome to grow food 

  3. decrease the amount of synthetic fertilisers, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides they use, and 

  4. deepen their understanding that caring for their little plot of garden in these ways contributes to caring for the environment on a bigger scale.

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Byford Glades Community Garden 

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